Star Hydro power Limited

Star Hydro Power Limited (SHPL) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP). It is setting up 147 MW run-of-river Patrind Hydropower Project (the Project) on river Kunhar near village Patrind, District Muzaffarabad of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K). The Project is being developed under the Government of Pakistan's Policy for Power Generation Projects 2002 on BOOT basis with a concession period of 30 years.

SHPL was incorporated in April 2006 as a public limited company to develop and implement the Project. Korea Water Resource Corporation (K-water) and Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company are the sponsors of SHPL, having acquired 100% shareholding in the company through their special purpose Singapore based investment vehicle, KDS Hydro.

Projects Progress

Power House Concrete works (In progress)

Excavation for Upper Band for Pressure tunnel.(In Progress)

Surge shaft Surge chamber from Surge shaft Slopes in progress.
Link tunnel from HRT in progress.

Lining Concrete in HRT for Both Sides in progress

Main Weir Concreting (In Progress).

Bypass Tunnel Inlet Portal (In progress)

Bypass tunnel outlet portal (In progress)

Steel reinforcement & Concrete works at Power Intake (In Progress)